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Dr. Dennis Begos - Saving Lives with CPR

Dr. Dennis Begos: Saving Lives with CPR

We’ve all heard of the harrowing stories where someone, whether a stranger, family member or friend, collapses. Without CPR, many times, it’s too late once the person receives medical treatment from EMS. One such encounter took place right in front of Dr. Dennis Begos. Dr. Begos‘s son’s football coach fell to the ground, as he had […]

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Surgeon, Dennis Begos’ Drive and Determination Lead him to Bring Cutting Edge Surgical Techniques to Massachusetts

Dennis Begos, M.D. has always had a strong drive for success and a passion for helping others. From a young age, he knew that he wanted to be a doctor, and with that determination, Dr. Begos graduated 4th in his medical school class. He then scaled the ladder of success at the prestigious Yale University, where he […]

Dennis Begos - Surgeon, Leader, Mentor & Trainer

Dennis Begos, M.D. Surgeon, Leader, Mentor & Trainer

Dr. Dennis Begos has an extensive career in clinical medicine, medical education, and administration.  At this stage in his medical career, he offers other medical professionals such as physicians, medical science liaisons, medical writers, devices, and pharmaceutical companies his 20 plus years of clinical experience. Dr. Begos success has been due to his dedication, resourcefulness, […]

Dennis Begos, MD: Innovation and Leadership Within the Healthcare System are Critical

Surgeon, Dr. Dennis Begos has over 20 years of clinical experience in both academic and community hospitals and has held numerous key leadership positions, including Medical Staff President and Chair of Surgery. With his extensive experience in teaching and medical writing, Dr. Begos has been highly esteemed by his peers and patients over the past […]

Dr. Dennis Begos was Instrumental in Training Surgeons in Laparoscopic Colectomy Procedures

  BOSTON, MA—Dr. Dennis Begoswas heavily involved in teaching other surgeons how to perform laparoscopic colon surgery when it was first making waves back in 1997. Dr. Begos began teaching his peers through courses at the Cleveland Clinic, Brown University, and other local hospital systems. In the past, open surgery via a sizeable abdominal incision […]